How to Make Your Photos More Interesting

So you get home from your trip to the beach and look through the hundreds of photos you snapped just to realize…they all look pretty much the same. Yeah, there are ones you like best and ones you like least, but over and over again you see the same background, same people, same setup. You […]

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

Lifestyle newborns sessions are one of my favorite things to do. I love getting to travel to my clients’ home in the weeks after their baby is born. I love getting to see the big grins on their face as they introduce me to their little one and I lean down to whisper sweet nothings […]

Tips for a Photo Session at the Beach

I know your beach plans may have been canceled or moved this year, but I still want to share this for my friends who are lucky enough to live near the coast or are able to safely visit this summer. Beach photos are my absolute favorite. If you plan it right, you can’t ask for […]