Top 10 Photography FAQs

Whenever I have my big camera in hand, I can usually count on someone stopping me to chat. Sometimes they want to tell me about that time that they tried photography or how they got a camera last Christmas, but haven’t really braved the user manual. Many times, though, they have a question they’re hoping […]

Fall for Your Camera Again

Fall is my favorite. Yeah..I know, it’s just about everyone’s favorite, but I don’t even care. I’m more than ready to trade in the hot, sweaty summer for a cool, crisp fall…ready to toss my shorts & t-shirts in favor of sweaters and boots and even ready to trade in my iced coffee for something […]

How to Plan a Photo Gallery Wall

We all have that one wall….you know, the big blank one that stares at us every time we pass it. A blank wall is a lot like a blank piece of paper…the hardest part is usually getting started.  One of my favorite ways to fill an empty wall is with a photo gallery. So today […]