Using Window Light in Your Photos

So you know all those selfies you see on your IG feed of friends….the ones with the flawless skin, glowing cheekbones, and a seatbelt? Yeah….a seatbelt. Or maybe a steering wheel. Ever wonder why you get the urge to take a photo when you glance at yourself in the rearview mirror? You look good, that’s […]

How do I get the background to be blurry?

I get asked a lot of questions about photography: How did you get started? What camera do you suggest? Why do you shoot Canon?  But today I wanted to address the question I get asked the most. Can you guess it?   “How do I get the background to be blurry?” Yes. That’s the one. I laugh […]

Photographing Your Child’s Birthday Party

Ok moms-this one’s for you: Photographing Your Child’s Birthday Party. Let me tell you how birthday parties play out at my house…especially first  birthdays. 🥳 ✔️ 6 months out- I can’t believe she’s halfway to one! It’s going so fast. (Not even thinking about a party.) ✔️ 2 months out-Someone mentions she’s going to be 1 […]