Why I Love Fall Photos

Most family photographers will tell you that our business comes in waves throughout the year, depending on where you live. Here in the hot south, it goes something like this:   January-March: Where did all the people go? The holidays are over and as everyone settles in for the winter. Life over here suddenly gets quiet again. […]

How to Plan Your Christmas Card

So the weather around here finally dipped below 99, I swear I saw the leaves starting to turn, and my kids are begging for Halloween costumes. Know what that means? Time to plan your Christmas card. 🤦‍♀️ I know…but, seriously.  If you’ve ever tried to plan a family Christmas card, then you know there’s so […]

How I Got Started in Photography

So today I thought I’d share a little bit more about myself. You’ve been reading the emails that appear in your inbox every week, scrolling through my photos on Instagram, and hopping over here to the blog. Maybe you’ve even spied a few pictures of my curly headed trio. If you’ve wondered who I am […]