Using ISO to Brighten Your Photos

Last week we talked about the importance of finding “good light” and how to find it in your home. Today I want to introduce you to a setting on your camera that can help you control the light once you find it. If you’ve dabbled at all in shooting in manual mode, I’m sure you’ve […]

Learning to Use Your Camera

I often have people ask me how I got started in photography or confide in me that they are interested in giving it a try one day. They think it sounds fun or they remember loving that photography course in high school. They used to shoot film once upon a time or sometimes dream of […]

How to Find the Best Light for Photos

Want to know the very first thing I look for when I show up for a photo session? It’s not the scenery or the best background or even what my clients are wearing….it’s the light. I look for the light. I know that sounds like a very “photographer” thing to say, but it seriously can […]