What Camera Should I Get?

I get a lot of photography questions from people…all sorts of people. I guess the big camera is a magnet of sorts. Strangers passing by during a photo shoot, great uncles at weddings, longtime friends….and moms. But if I have time, I’m happy to chat with them. One of the questions I get asked the […]

5 Posing Hacks to Make You Look Your Best

Ever feel like a deer in headlights when someone aims a camera in your direction? I get it. To this day, I suddenly feel myself tense up when I’m having my picture taken. Today I’m sharing 5 posing hacks to make you look your best in your next photos. When I first started out, I tried […]

October Photo Roundup

A couple of weeks ago I shared just how busy my fall season is. (I may or may not have made an emergency run to the grocery store last night when I realized I was out of coffee.☕☕☕) My calendar is swimming with family photos, maternity sessions, one year olds, and lots of new babies! […]